checkout the repository for Virtuoso:

checkout the live demo for Virtuoso:


This application designed to enable people to be able to record and/or learn songs by providing a helpful visualization of the song being played on a keyboard. Much like with Flux Capacitor it is possible to load a local file and control certain parameters. Although, in the case of Virtuoso, there is nothing implemented that can be controlled by the user (besides file input). However, I plan on changing that in the near future!

In order to let any mobile users see how Virtuoso is coming along, I will have a video that demonstrates the latest version. I do plan on optimizing this for mobile, since it would be even more useful if it were possible to place your device on a sheet music stand.


A couple of features that I can think of right off the bat is:

  • tempo control
  • volume control
  • more support for different midi events/parameters
  • customization colors for channels/tracks